Lenten devotionals: day 26

I believe in life everlasting….

John 17:3 (TYN) This is lyfe eternall that they myght knowe the(e) that only very God and whom thou hast sent Iesus Christ.

Reading this Tyndale version of John 17 gave me a fresh view of the verse.

Here Jesus reminds us that God, all three, exists outside of time. Eternity is, was and shall be. When we accept the gift of life through the redemption of Christ we become independent of time. Plainly speaking our eternal life is now, was before sin and will be in each moment.

I hope that you are reading this in your quiet space. Stop. Be still. Focus. This may be scary, but become outside of time. There is no regret, lamb of God, paid the debt. There is no care or worry for tomorrow. Abba, father, provides. There is only now. Energy, strength, hope, love and faith, spirit filled life.

Are you thirsty? Drink the cup of salvation

Are you hungry? Feed on the bread of life.

Are you tired? Rest in the promise, “come unto me, “

Then shall the young women rejoice in the dance,
    and the young men and the old shall be merry.
I will turn their mourning into joy;
    I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.
14 I will feast the soul of the priests with abundance,
    and my people shall be satisfied with my goodness,
declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 31:13-14

Take as long as you need in quiet meditation. Open your heart, ears, soul to the eternal and feel the strength. Empty yourself of all but love and absorb the enormity and silence of eternity.

Turn the sound down or even off for 5 minutes silent meditation.

Go in peace.

Praying the Creed: I believe

creedI believe
Every time I approach God I re-evaluate what I believe. Belief is not static, it is a deliberate choice made each time I commune with Him.  In the words of the gospel writer:.  “Yes, Lord, I believe but help me when I do not believe”.(paraphrased)Mark 9:24

What do I believe today? I believe in the  Lord of creation. I hear and feel the bitter wind and see the snow littering the earth. I huddle into the warmth of my coat and ensure my nose is covered by the scarf I wear, and rub life into my dead fingers and I believe that Spring, new life and Easter will run in the cycle of life.
I believe that today You will come and minister to me at the point where I am. Your commune with me will be perfect, not because of my faith but because of Your grace. You will be for me today, this hour, this moment my nurture, my love, my life and my power.
I believe….

Lord, source of all living things and provider of energy, thank you for this wonderful world.  Guide me to feel your presence in all that I encounter today.  May I  be strengthened through challenges, delighted by simple pleasures and my spirit deepened by forgiveness.  In these do I believe and trust, sustain me when my unbelief causes me to stumble and fall.

Challenge:  Let your belief manifest in all your actions today.  Believe in yourself, in others and in the choices you make.  


I believe in God