How was your stay? Where too next?

Waking up to a beautiful morning gave me the incentive to have one final trip up Mount Royal. Taking just 5 minutes to climb the steps, I was rewarded with great views and peaceful surroundings.

Thank you, Montreal, for welcoming me and allowing me to call you home for a few days. I appreciated the challenge of Mount Royal, I learned about your culture and some of your history through discovering your art, through meeting beautiful people and tasting your food. For now I must say goodbye, but know that I will return to explore once more.

Now, my bags are packed, the taxi awaits and I am leaving on ‘a greyhound’ ; Ottawa bound.

A short, two hour bus trip through amazing countryside, brought me to my next adventure, Ottawa. My first impression, even as we crossed the Provincial border, was to notice, again, how different was Quebec and Ontario. I felt a familiarity in the surroundings even though I had not actually been to the city before.

As it was only afternoon, I decided to walk to the apartment I had booked for my stay. Booking through app was easy, and the host had been in touch, so I could let myself in and drop off my luggage before exploring the neighborhood to buy basic food supplies.

The apartment was lovely, immediately feeling like home. After shopping I decided that this night merited the luxury of tea made in a teapot, a hot soak in a bath, listening to my favourite Spotify list as I unpacked, and a movie before bed.

Tomorrow would be the day to explore our capital city.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, you are appreciated.

Join me tomorrow for further adventures in Ottawa.

Hunter gatherer

View from Room 5.

Today is a hunter, gatherer day. I am back in Toronto for a mini-break, so today will be spent seeking out new treasures for the eye, tastes to feed the body and connections to quick the spirit. I will put my lovely Huawei P20 lite and my creativity through the paces, and return refreshed and buzzing with new stories.

God bless you all. Go out there and connect!