Today is about a family getting to know one another


Live from the capital

“Toronto is my favourite city in the whole world! ” A huge, teenager type exaggeration of course, as I am not that well travelled that I can compare it to many cities.  Suffice it to say; I am excited to be back ‘home’. Journey was not without its ups and downs ( no pun intended…

A peaceful evening

Sitting in my apartment watching the solar lights come on in the huge bay window reminds me of times when I would sit in the garden of a previous house.  As the lights came on the garden would be turned into a magical place of shade and light, filled with evening bird song, the distant hum…

Ticking off those check lists

Today has been a day of accomplishments.  Items checked off lists: Gas test:  he arrived on time; efficiently carried out; paper work to follow eta: notification of success – I can now travel! item placed on free cycle items placed on fb market place car service booked for tomorrow ( that’s my walk sorted also!)…

The problem

A class full of adults: some there because they want to be and are eager to learn, some there out of curiosity, some there because it’s better than the mind numbing alternative to ‘labour’, some there because they have learned that it is easier to ‘play the game’ or for other reward.

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