Praying the Creed: 5


I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth:

And in Jesus Christ.

Book Fairs


I remember when I was teaching in Port Colborne, Canada the excitement when a scholastic book fair came to school.   Teachers were enthusiastic to have classes take time to browse through the books on shelves; picture books, stories, ‘chapter books’; reference books; books to read with Mom and Dad; books to read with grandparents; books to read under the covers at night.

Mother’s Day


With strict instructions not to get up before 5:30 two excited boys crept downstairs just after the appointed time to help make cinnamon rolls for Mother’s Day breakfast.





Your beauty is

Standing tall and proud

Reaching out

Providing shelter

A stillness in the wind

Colour, texture, form and

Long lasting.

I slowly approach

Wondering at your majesty and glory

Waiting for you to invite me closer.

May I touch?

With silent consent I dare to reach and

Feel the warmth and life within and know

The joy that binds man with nature is yours to share.

Daring to capture your glory both in image and words

I vow to do the same

Stand tall, bear my makers name, reach out

Provide shelter, strength and stillness

In a weary world.




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