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Praying the Creed: Introduction

I believe Every time we approach God we must re-evaluate what we believe. Belief is not static, it is a deliberate choice that we make each time we commune with Him, often we might quote, Yes, Lord, I believe but help me when I do not believe (paraphrased)Mark 9:24 What do I believe today? I … Continue reading Praying the Creed: Introduction

Praying the Creed: 8

Reflection: The power of repeating the words in the creed is manifest in two ways.


Colour my world.

But best by far is the enjoyment of  being able to explore my local area and find beauty, shape and structure in the old, the great, the bizarre and the beautiful.  To absorb new ideas, mull over dormant philosophies and stretch the  imagination, toning  mind, soul  and body to be healthy in the whole sense of the word.

12 Books That Will Surely Make You Cry

A fine list, some I have yet to read. Sharing books, ideas, art and culture. It’s all about connecting the world.


Art is supposed to make you feel something, right? And what more can you ask from a book other than to be moved by it in such a way that you end up shedding a few tears?

Also, psychologists claim that crying is kind of good for releasing stress and making you stronger emotionally, so here are twelve books that are guaranteed to make you cry.

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TMM: What is Art?

Wanted to share this as it is so poignant.


What is art exactly?

It’s all art. The way you dress, how you walk, how you talk. It’s all art. Poetry and philosophy and paintings and songs and movies and the soundtracks of those movies – sometimes even their reviews are art. Every joke ever made, every scribbled note, every photograph. All the fairy tales and the ballads and the legends.

It’s all art.

Architecture. City planning. A mathematical algorithm. A software program. A smartphone. The Internet.

The way the stars shine bright against the night sky. The sound of the rain. The smell of flowers on a summer afternoon.

This world, and everything in it.

It’s all art.

Every bit of beauty that was ever witnessed by another human being is art. Everything that ever made us forget ourselves in admiration, every little thing that took our breath away.

It’s all art.

And we’re all artists.

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