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Vintage nonsense for a bit of fun this Monday morning.



Hope the sun continues to shine on your day, metaphorically as well as physically.

Only connect!


Legends on tiptoe

There are somethings that just naturally go together

apple pie and ice-cream (custard maybe  if you’re British)

toast and Marmite

cold winter evenings, a warm blanket and a film

a good novel read by the fire  the list goes on.

For today’s musical contribution I’ve chosen a classic duo Ladysmith  Black Mambazo and Paul Simon.

Why “Diamonds on the Sole of her Shoes”?  Because it reminds me of a younger me, at home with the children, foot tapping, singing along, feeling my way through sometimes hard times, but hanging on because of music that delighted, friends that supported, family that loved and my belief in all things positive.  It made me feel like I had diamonds on the sole of my shoes, whilst God gave me diamonds on my soul.

Go ahead and crank up the sound, watch on full screen, and enjoy this and feel the excitement of being at a concert even whilst you are at home, perhaps doing the boring stuff, because that’s the power of social media, internet and our modern living.


Feel better now?

Share the love, give it a like and write your thoughts, it is all about connecting the world.


Romance and passion in one beautiful voice

“Blow the Wind Southerly”  a traditional Northumbrian folk song, appeared on a link on my Spotify list and I was immediately taken back to Sunday nights; family supper listening to 100 best tunes with Alan Keith.  Kathleen Ferrier was a favourite especially when singing this song.

As a romantic teenager, music lover and choir member I longed to have a voice like hers with the skill and artistic ability to bring such mood into her singing.



A more recent by Laura Wright:


Bryn Terfel has included it on his Homeward Bound CD.   Lovely voice but I struggle with sentiment hearing this in male voice.

You tube has many more versions.  Which one is your favourite?  Join the conversations and connect.

Old favourites re-worked

There are many renditions of one of the most well known of the Psalms, The Lord is my shepherd.

This is a re-worked version that I actually like, it retains the peacefulness that the words convey and it honours the great truth,” Your goodness will lead me home.”


In contrast any hip hop rappers out there who can do a passable urban version?

Always looking for new music, styles and suggestions.

Enjoy your day and connect!


The world in which we live

A favourite hymn of mine.  One of the first that I learned how to harmonise.  I love finding different interpretations artists will have for the same tune and lyrics.  This one appeared on my Spotify discover weekly list this morning; I would say picture me singing along with it but probably not.  Enjoy it and do sing along yourself!

Be happy, be joyful, be grateful.




Grace and Beauty

I was a violin player in my younger years, perhaps not appreciating the beauty and sound of the instrument as much then as I do now and extended to all string instruments in particular.

Also in music lessons at school we studied Saint-Saëns,  The Carnival of Animals.  The almost haunting melody of the swan described as slowly gliding around his territory, aloof and alone was my favourite part.

So, today I give you both:





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“Oh I love this song”..

It’s the 90’s, we are driving along with radio on and this song starts..turn it up Mom and we’ll all sing along!

Happy memories.  This one is for my three beautiful daughters who allow me to sing with them.

Enya: Marble Halls

My musical background is quite classical and with nostalgia I remember Sunday evening suppers, listening to  100 best tunes, presented by Alan Keith.

This programme would usually end with something with a spiritual feel, such as Marble Halls.  Then it appealed to my romantic, teenage dreamworld.  So I was happy to find it included on Enya’s “Shepherd’s Moon” album. 

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