Blogging Mindset: Take Your Time

Some serious reminders and suggestions in this read, think, think, write repeat.

The Art of Blogging

Have you ever stumbled upon someone’s blog and after reading a few posts ended up wishing your own blog had content that good?

Have you ever read a piece that was so wonderfully written that it made you feel like an amateur?

Now for the big questions:

  • Why aren’t you writing content that good?
  • Why isn’t your content profound?
  • Why can’t you write thought-provoking content that will send your blog to the stratosphere?

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The Age of E-books

A post worth reblogging to inspire further conversation, Paper or E-books?


Humans are quite the inventors. What doesn’t exist, they can imagine into existence. When they need to achieve something, they try and try and try until they get it done. Then they work on getting it done faster and easier than before. Writing is one of our greatest inventions. Up there, in the hall of fame, alongside fire and the wheel and agriculture.

Writing has enabled us to record our history, to pass down knowledge and information. But like any other invention, writing has also suffered a number of changed during the five or so millennia since its invention. In Ancient Egypt they used stone or parchment, in Mesopotamia, clay tablets. These were replaced by the codex, which was similar to today’s books. They had to be handwritten and were luxury items. Then Gutenberg invented the press, making books more affordable.

Now it’s all changing again. For quite some time…

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Are you Creative [Enough]?

Excellent summary of what it is and takes to be creative. Challenge, Practice, Be interested and be interesting,

The Art of Blogging

Would you like to be more creative?

I’m only asking because it’s really not as hard or mysterious as you might think.

One thing that prevents many people from boosting their creativity is the notion that creativity is somehow determined by intelligence. Another is the idea that creative people are born that way.

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Colour my world.

But best by far is the enjoyment of  being able to explore my local area and find beauty, shape and structure in the old, the great, the bizarre and the beautiful.  To absorb new ideas, mull over dormant philosophies and stretch the  imagination, toning  mind, soul  and body to be healthy in the whole sense of the word.

12 Books That Will Surely Make You Cry

A fine list, some I have yet to read. Sharing books, ideas, art and culture. It’s all about connecting the world.


Art is supposed to make you feel something, right? And what more can you ask from a book other than to be moved by it in such a way that you end up shedding a few tears?

Also, psychologists claim that crying is kind of good for releasing stress and making you stronger emotionally, so here are twelve books that are guaranteed to make you cry.

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