Amalgamations of the finest kind

Supernova Poppy: used by permission from Pete Hillman nature photography

A haiku for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #261 #zen and chaos

White powdered chaos

Sweet perfumed life divine

Zen Ambrosia

The 5-7-5 might be a little fuzzy, depending on how you read, stress the words powdered and perfumed. It represents for me that intake of pleasure and wonder that I recall having when I first saw this stunning photograph on Pete’s site. Please take a moment to go visit his site by clicking on the link. A very talented micro photographer.

If you also feel challenge to write follow the link to the weekly Haiku challenge for the rules. Take a moment to explore his site for some inspirational quotes, a bit of music, some deeper ideas to explore and a gentle sense of humour.

Thought for today: Take time to be…….

Fill in the blanks for yourself. Share your thoughts, words and actions in the comments section.

Go in peace, Sue

To words unknown

This is kind of an experiment which was fun to do.

I don’t know if it works or not.

You decide.

Out of my mind

I asked the vendor if I could live here.
This wordy paradise.
Yet not just words; pictures, art and culture
burst forth in linear structures reaching from floor to ceiling.
All the wisdom and knowledge I could possibly absorb was here.
First the random choice, because where do you begin?

Alpha: Aristotle, Aesop and Agatha are
Bold against the beauty of Browning and Brooks.
Chaucer lieth cornered with Caspar and Chocolat
Delights with Duffy, but is deadened by diplomotology.
Eureka enlightenment in Foreign folk tales
Gathers ghostlike in Hobbits dim hollows.
In medias Res find Ibsen with Ice Cube
Jauntily juxtaposes Kierkegaard and Lowry’s
Matchstick mementos of Northern histories
Orwellian portents parallel Queen’s rich Rhapsody
Stirring my soul to the ‘nth degree
Upwards I look now for Verdi and Wagner
Welcoming Xanadu, Zero and finally,

I think I need to work on the rhythm in some places, but for now here it is.

One to grow on,


Narrow minded

Ha! That title grabbed you didn’t it.

During my recent visit to Toronto I seemed to be enthralled by buildings, or parts of buildings that presented a “narrow” view.

Here are the results.

Edifices come and go

Structures built

Reaching the sky

Man take time

Along this path of life

For narrow is the way.

On taking a walk through the woods….

Martlesham Trail leaves

..and spotting the red leaf.

I am not perfect but

I stand out from the crowd.

I bear the scars of life

Yet  retain  a rich vibrancy.

My youthful green has left me

With the colour of experience.

I descended from my high place

to nurture those who yet will  rise

To stand out from the crowd.

wood path



Whilst waiting at a bus stop

After the long, dry, hot weather; relief arrived in morning rain.

Inspired by this phenomena I decided to record the event whilst waiting at the bus stop.


In the words of long ago cartoons…..

Don’t forget to splash in the puddles and connect with nature today.



Sea blue

Sandown Bay, Shanklin, Isle of White, England, August 2018 © Pete Hillman.

The blue I feel shimmers and sparkles
Within the slowly shifting tide.
Alone, but not lonely, I gather in the sounds and songs
of others adrift in the sea.
Instinctively drawn to worlds below
I see no solution there;
Only in the expanse of horizon-
Future welcoming past-
Destiny waits.

Photograph used courtesy of Pete Hillman 

Click on the photograph or the above link to view more of his impressive work.



Illustration #3

The space between…
two trees allows for growth
two worlds allows for freedom
two people allows for a coming together
two hearts allows for forgiveness
but the space between existence and life is the breath of creativity.




Your beauty is

Standing tall and proud

Reaching out

Providing shelter

A stillness in the wind

Colour, texture, form and

Long lasting.

I slowly approach

Wondering at your majesty and glory

Waiting for you to invite me closer.

May I touch?

With silent consent I dare to reach and

Feel the warmth and life within and know

The joy that binds man with nature is yours to share.

Daring to capture your glory both in image and words

I vow to do the same

Stand tall, bear my makers name, reach out

Provide shelter, strength and stillness

In a weary world.