Praying the Creed: 8

Reflection: The power of repeating the words in the creed is manifest in two ways.


Praying the Creed:6

I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth; And in Jesus Christ his only Son What of the relationship between God Almighty and Jesus the son?  This relationship was there from the beginning but in a different manifestation.  In the beginning Jesus was: the word in whom all things were made.  … Continue reading Praying the Creed:6

Praying the Creed: 5

How important is a name?  It is our identity.  In a roomful of chattering teachers we will hear and pick out our name mentioned above other words.  When people we admire call us by name it gives us a lift.  When we receive letters or e-mails or cards even notes addressed to us it makes us feel wanted, special.  It builds up a relationship between ourselves and the one addressing us.

Praying the creed 3

We are made of aware of the passage of time in the media and just within our own bodies.    The flashing light on the screen indicates how long I've spent being constructive or wasting time on solitaire games.  My body tells me that it has been too long since I ate, or exercised or slept.  The grey hairs and wrinkles indicate the passage of time however much I may want to deny them.    


Praying the Creed: Introduction

I believe Every time we approach God we must re-evaluate what we believe. Belief is not static, it is a deliberate choice that we make each time we commune with Him, often we might quote, Yes, Lord, I believe but help me when I do not believe (paraphrased)Mark 9:24 What do I believe today? I … Continue reading Praying the Creed: Introduction