Author: Sue

Coming up to the retirement I have enjoyed a full career as a teacher as well as being a mother of four and now Grandmother of 5. Born in U.K. I resided in Canada for 16 years and then returned to England. Now wondering what the future holds and hoping to return to Canada to take up grandparent responsibilities.

Praying the Creed: I believe

Belief is not static, it is a deliberate choice made each time I commune with Him.  In the words of the gospel writer:.  “Yes, Lord, I believe but help me when I do not believe”.(paraphrased)Mark 9:24

The beauty that surrounds me

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day.  I was drawn outside by the sunshine, breeze and the sound of children playing.  There was the promise of warmer days, new growth and colour amid the now faded browns and earth tones of fall and the smudge and smear of the now forgotten snow. Gradually, as I walked,…


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