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Coming up to the retirement I have enjoyed a full career as a teacher as well as being a mother of four and now Grandmother of 5. Born in U.K. I resided in Canada for 16 years and then returned to England. Now wondering what the future holds and hoping to return to Canada to take up grandparent responsibilities.

Writer’s space

I have been looking forward to this day since first registering.  The appeal of being able to write uninterrupted for a whole day, in a different environment, and sharing ideas, well really what’s not to like?


Colour my world.

But best by far is the enjoyment of  being able to explore my local area and find beauty, shape and structure in the old, the great, the bizarre and the beautiful.  To absorb new ideas, mull over dormant philosophies and stretch the  imagination, toning  mind, soul  and body to be healthy in the whole sense of the word.

One man’s trash…

One of my ‘forbidden’ pleasures is to go to auctions.  Walking into a room with a myriad of items, on tables, hung on walls, hanging from the ceiling and those delicious ‘boxes’ to be rummaged through under the tables gives me goosebumps. 

The Jigsaw pieces of a life

But I’m used to it.  ‘bin living like this for ’bout a year now, on account of my parents gone.  Went to live with a stranger, they said he was me bruvver, but he didn’t act like one.  Isn’t a bruvver s’posed to look out for ye, and do right by ye?


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