Not according to plan…


The “plan” was to be here in America, to be with family, to help out, as needed, and to write every day!

The reality is I have been over a month, and apart from an occasional social post, I have been very silent. Silent, but busy. Busy being a grandmother, mother and tourist. Busy enjoying the beautiful weather, the seasons and celebration’s and American life. Busy reading, thinking and processing my ideas. Busy being creative but most of all busy waiting.

I have been writing, not always daily, by at least trying to record events for each day. I have written short practice texts, based on my reading and observations. Now, as I have created this space, worked out more of a routine and re-evaluated what I want to achieve, posts will flow and events will be recorded and “letters from America” will become available.

” Fall in Connecticut is colour as warmth, smells and nostalgia. Not far from the house is a farm that bursts, triumphant in this season. A year of work, dedication, planting, nurturing and faith ripens into fullness in the shape of pumpkins – golden yellow, or modest white. Gourds of eerie, knobbled shapes and sizes and rich coloured flowers add to a tapestry of hues and texture. A field becomes streamlined into a pumpkin maze for younger visitors, whilst the braver face the complexities of a corn maze. A cart is a riot of colour, mismatched gourds mumbling together, murmuring, vie for attention from eager hands eager to find the perfect, not so perfect creature to take home, to become part of a porch, doorstep or garden display.

Meanwhile, the store lures us to partake of fresh apple cider and delicious cider donuts. Jars of jams, pickles, fruits and butters are proudly presented.

The choice, that day was a jug of cider, something I miss when living in England. It lived up to expectation when shared with the family for after school snack.

Brown’s Harvest

This is me signing out for now. Thank you for reading. Comments are always welcome.

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