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In August I posted a challenge I had made to myself; to buy an item at auction and sell on for a profit.

Lot 436.. a set of mixed oils and watercolours, a nice little lot here, can we start at £20, (silence)… £10 then?, still nothing….£5 queries the auctioneer a little desperately, I hesitated, and some one started the bidding at £2, here we go, I bid $4 a counter bid, £6, I nodded, £8 a counter bid £10, I hesitated slightly, before bidding £12, but that was it… they refused, to the lady in the room at £12, looking for £14 is there anymore.. hammer held in the air, the auctioneer peers round the room, once more I’m looking for £14…. make no mistake I’m selling at £12…. the hammer falls, the price is set. I grin and show my number…. I am the proud owner of 4 pieces of art!

It has taken longer than intended – holidays in France, busy life and working on new material and new website (coming soon!) but I can now give you the result.

Water colour painting

local artist Eleanor Cowles (193 – 2006) of Isaac Lords, Ipswich.

Research informed me that the former Isaac Lords building was rescued by a local entrepreneur and turned into a bar, restaurant and events venue as part of the rejuvenation of the waterfront. Perfect. I think they should own this piece of their history.

One of a set of prints by John Ireland, commissioned to illustrate a calendar for Guiness advertising. 1981

Again research assured me that I would be able to sell this to a local pub.

Today, I can reveal the result. On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, a successful visit to Isaac Lords resulted in the sale of both paintings for profit. I was pleased with the result, and even more pleased that at least one of the paintings has found its way home and can be enjoyed by Ipswich locals in an Ipswich locale.

The oil paintings of camels I decided were not in good enough condition for me to sell. I took them to the St Elizabeth’s recycling shop in Ipswich where they were happy to take them, put a little work into them and hopefully sell them giving them much needed financial reward.

A fitting end to the challenge. It was not, however, an end game. To be continued….

Here’s Sue signing out for now. Thank you for reading and following. Comments and criticism are always welcome so that this can become higher, better, stronger.


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