Today, I wrote….


Today I wrote “the fear within, muted by strong belief, drives me onward to succeed”

I wrote it even though I am far from that. *

I wrote it as motivation. What are my fears? The usual, exposure, failure, truth, comparison, weakness.. the list goes on. Can a belief in myself, my past, my experiences, my support, my faith quell, mute, subdue the fears?

I wrote it to face the fear. The first step is always acknowledgement. Yes, I am afraid. I am afraid I might not be read. I am afraid to be read but not appreciated. I am afraid to be read, appreciated, but of then letting the readers down. However, I am afraid that is not my fear, problem, responsibility.

I will write anyway.

I wrote it as practice. The more I write the better I will become. It might be weak; it has mistakes. It is nonsense, but at least it is honest. Honesty is a rare beauty: let’s do it.

I wrote it to be bold. This is me. This is who I am. This is what I do: a scared writer stepping out boldly so that a truth maybe revealed to someone, somewhere.

I wrote it to make a statement. A prediction of the future. A known beginning towards an ending unknown. That is a treasure to slowly be revealed.

Today, I wrote. Tomorrow I will write some more. Slowly my heart and soul will be revealed.

Join me, if you dare!

immediately after writing it, I added #’s. #useit #playthesystem #belief #drivenlife #toolsforsurvival.

image shows a journal notebook and a pen.
Today I wrote….


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