Amalgamations of the finest kind

Supernova Poppy: used by permission from Pete Hillman nature photography

A haiku for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #261 #zen and chaos

White powdered chaos

Sweet perfumed life divine

Zen Ambrosia

The 5-7-5 might be a little fuzzy, depending on how you read, stress the words powdered and perfumed. It represents for me that intake of pleasure and wonder that I recall having when I first saw this stunning photograph on Pete’s site. Please take a moment to go visit his site by clicking on the link. A very talented micro photographer.

If you also feel challenge to write follow the link to the weekly Haiku challenge for the rules. Take a moment to explore his site for some inspirational quotes, a bit of music, some deeper ideas to explore and a gentle sense of humour.

Thought for today: Take time to be…….

Fill in the blanks for yourself. Share your thoughts, words and actions in the comments section.

Go in peace, Sue


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