Suffolk Day 2019


Itinerary for the day to celebrate Suffolk and discover Suffolk Secrets.

  1. Meet-the-makers event in Southwold to celebrate local crafts
  2. Explore Southwold
  3. Discover a Suffolk secret
  4. Destination: Lowestoft for the #firstlightlowestoft event
  5. Enjoy the Summer equinox

It was a beautiful, bright morning as set I off on this Summer adventure ride. B.J. – my car, was on top form as we navigated the A12, music on, window down, fresh air and sunshine.

Musical interlude

Arriving in Southwold I parked in the large car park at the pier, payed the reasonable fee, and enjoyed a cup of tea from my picnic resources – car door open, fresh breeze and the shushing sound of the waves, that is the British sea side.

Walking along the beach road towards town centre I reminisced the last time I was at Southwold, with family from Canada and we rented a beach hut for the day at the boating lake…

I found what I thought to be the crafter’s market; first impressions were that it was smaller than I imagined, with just six or seven stalls, all with lovely items.

I chatted with one vendor, who specialises in needlework, making cushions, blankets and accessories for the home. I spotted a basket containing glasses cases, and noticed the size and shape for my Huawei P20.

Looking good in the new cover!

Going further on into town I found another venue, about the same size with the addition of a snack bar and facilities.

Here there were more crafts, more unique and to my taste. I chatted to the crafter who made planters from a special concrete mix, bringing a modern twist to the glass handkerchief mold.

They look pretty don’t they? The concrete used is porous which makes it suitable for these.

I couldn’t buy one of the planters, not having any garden, however I did buy a small tub of medlar butter, perfect for my picnic hot cross buns.

Another stall carried, beautiful hand and machine stitched cards. They are exquisite, with the added touch, that she has placed the stitched fabric square into the card so that it can be reframed into a more permanent wooden frame, so that the card becomes a gift! My kind of card; I have often thought that I would rather buy another small gift, than buy a card to be thrown away, once it has been received.

Within sight of this venue was an antique shop: Cornucopia!

I didn’t buy anything, honest! I had a lovely chat with the owner,( sitting knitting, with a cup of tea, listening to Radio 4 on a vintage portable radio!) I shared my “bargain hunt” game with her, and together we chose a pair of Moroccan stain glass lamps for the big spend, a Black forest carved bear holding a cotton reel – ” thread bear” for the profit item, and another bear, who tore at the heart strings, needing a loving home!

I also loved the garden aspect of the shop….

A happy memory from my childhood, is touring the countryside during our annual summer holidays. Always wanting to be off the beaten track, away from most of the usual tourist places, we began a tradition of not calling it a holiday trip unless we drove down a road that had grass growing down the middle of it…..

Suffolk delighted!

Suffolk’s country roads

On my route along the A12 from Southwold to Lowestoft, there was a sign for an antique and craft market. Too good to pass by on a day with little agenda. It was here that I negotiated this ‘holiday’ road bringing back memories of summers long ago. Just a short drive and I arrived at Henstead Country Crafts.

A very pleasant hour spent browsing and chatting, especially to artist Mike Collis who deserves a special shout out for putting up with my questions and natter as he was trying to work. Check out the gallery here.

After this invigorating hour, it was time to head up to Lowestoft to find my airbnb accommodation for the night. Advertised as a quirky bungalow, it certainly lived up to it’s name. Richie was a perfect host, very welcoming and helpful. I enjoyed staying there and relaxed easily into the atmosphere of his lovely home.

A perfect way to end a perfect Suffolk saunter!

Next blog, here all about the Lowestoft First light festival


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