Time and tide…


Here I find myself, it is Wednesday evening, and nothing written yet, this week. However, to qualify, there has been writing, but other projects have taken up my time.

Today, I enjoyed being a senior, taking advantage of free bus travel, and special senior viewings at the Empire Theatre in Ipswich. On the menu today was “Fisherman’s Friend” directed by Chris Foggin

The movie is based on a true story of a group of Cornish Fishermen who found comradeship, healing and enjoyment from singing together on the boats as well as building up the community and raising money for local charities.


The film adds a love interest, rivalry and small town humour to this feel good factor real life story, making it a delightful film which will set your toes tapping, your heart breaking and your spirit strengthened. For this audience, it might have made them feel just a tiny bit proud of a British success story.

The down side might be you become nostalgic for former primary school singing lessons churning out sea shanties and other folk songs. One might even be caught singing them as you leave…. Blow the man down whey hey blow the man down

The real group have suffered some tragedy since making the film, but are still performing and continuing to raise money for a variety of charities including Fishermen’s Mission, McMillan Cancer and local schools and causes.

Keep hauling, buoys!

For today, that’s all folks. Thank you for reading, singing, dancing and sharing my epistles.

Drop me a comment if only to let me know you are alive and kicking and dancing your way through life.



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