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Firstly, how great is it to be able to do battle with WordPress on my laptop now that I am back from my travels. I do love my Huawei P20 lite and Huawei MediaPad T3 purchased at Amazon Smile however the limitations become noticeable after some time, and my smile is replaced by being able to do this on my laptop. Okay, that is the business end over and done with.

Today, I had an appointment with our local country market, which although it is only a hop, step and jump from my apartment, to my shame I had not realised was held every Tuesday morning.

Image displays text and logo for the Martlesham Heath Country Market.

I was greeted with a warm smile and introduction. The organisers were only too glad to explain the concept and introduce me to the vendors. Although small, the array of different products and crafts this morning pleased the eye and the wallet.

These quick snaps demonstrate the type of produce and stalls on offer.

Other products on show today, were hand painted cards depicting local scenes and the artists pets, handmade hats, aprons and quilted bags and bead jewelry.

The priceless offering, though, has to be the connection with the local community. Whilst I was there, in just that hour, I was treated to stories of picking lemons in Cyprus, some of which ended up in the jar of lemon marmalade I purchased; stories of travel in Canada, providing memories for a family, now grown and making memories of their own; anecdotes of wily pigeons who know exactly when to invade the pea patch; how to successfully grow lime-green orchids in England and how this caring community share, support and nurture this small patch of England we call home.

Find out if you have a local country market in your area

Just a snippet post today as I get back into the routine of being back in England. Thank you again for reading, liking and adding your comments. All thoughts and ideas are welcome as we connect.



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