The call of the river


How can it be Saturday? All too soon it was my last full day in Montreal and a journey down to the river became my last port, so to speak.

Trying to be a little more organised in order to make the most of my time, I had an itinerary in mind: Mount Royal, just in case I didn’t make it back in time for the evening walk challenge, then follow Parc Ave to Pin, from there it was follow my nose and instinct.

So far so good. I was within sight and sense of the river, Old Montreal and my goal, so celebrated my ‘win’ with brunch at 7 Grain cafe.

Hot chocolate and croissant
Hot chocolate and croissant

Whilst enjoying this repast and looking out of the window I noticed a horse and buggy drive by. Ha! That was something I thought my be fun, touristy, but justified by connecting with locals.

But first, yes, the river called…so straight down to Old Docks and Port of Montreal. Easy to find because of the huge Ferris wheel.

Impressive, but not my cup of tea. That was actually my first reaction; it all seemed totouristy, although the zip line had a curious attraction, although I knew that I really wouldn’t be able to achieve it,especially when I found out it went over water. Not happening!

Zip wire over water
Zip across water? No thanks

Pause, have a re-think and change of direction. This time I headed for the clock tower view. Much better. Don’t you agree?

Time spent alone is wonderful, to reflect and enjoy our beautiful world and how we are using it; however, experiencing Montreal has been my mantra and I was ready.

Walking along Route Verte took me to the area of Jacque-Cartier Place, Notre Dame and the court house. Then I spotted my horse and buggy. His name was John Wayne, (the horse, not the driver) he was perfect and for the next 30 minutes he was mine!

The driver, too was very friendly, spoke English with a beautiful Quebec French accent, and told me much about the area we were driving through. But really, I was just there for the ride! Fun to notice people’s reactions. Felt a bit like royalty, waving to my subjects. I decided it was not feasible to take photographs, due to the bounce and sway of the buggy going along the cobbled streets; so sat back and relaxed. Yes, it was tourism at its height, but also at its best. Journey end, I took time to thank my driver but especially Mr Wayne who showed me his frisky at times, but generally good behaviour.

From there, I walked back up to Notre Dame and due to the long line up, and a hesitancy to pay to go into a place of worship, I declined.

Time for a cuppa. Found, what looked to be a good place to have tea, sit for a while, and catch up. Unfortunately, it was a little disappointing, tea not brilliant, and the atmosphere of the place was not what I was looking for. Perhaps, now, I was ready to head back. I could have tea, rest and catch-up there and be able to walk up Mount Royal for what looked like might be a lovely evening.

Sure was!

This was a final day to remember and I am already planning my next trip!

But wait! There’s more. Connect with me tomorrow for journeys onwards.



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