Rainy followed by bright intervals


Heavy rain throughout the night and morning escalated this previous tiny trickle to a fast flowing cascade.

Crystal clear life giving stream

Why didn’t I taste it?

The inclement weather kept me indoors for much of the day. When I did venture out it was not much of a day for photography, however, retreating from Mount Royal, I looked up and managed to capture this view of the cross shrouded in low cloud. Atmospheric.

At most, ferrical

After exploring the artisan stores along St Denis it was getting towards supper time a good opportunity to experience some local quisine. I chanced upon this vegetarian/vegan cafe, with just the right amount of quirkiness; I ventured in.

Quaint, quirky and quintessential Quebec.

Not surprisingly they were quite busy but they seated me in a cosy corner and gave me the menu, filling up the glass of water. Such a nice touch.

The menu was full of choice, and of course no need for me to ask lots of questions, as everything was vegetarian. After considering carefully, I chose a pear, onion and cheese sandwich with salad. Then an almond milk chai latte to follow. Good choice? What’s your opinion?

I stated that I enjoyed the ambience. As I was eating, I was aware of two women enjoying a game of Scrabble. I asked if I could take a photo, they were a little shy, but they didn’t mind me showing the gameboard. I was intrigued that they were playing mainly in English: one of them was from England, learning French and her partner was French, practicing her English. I knew Scrabble was a good way to learn!


Nourished by the food and the company, I meandered a way back to the hotel, capturing these lovely examples of street art and street furniture typical of Montreal.

My short stay in Montreal was rapidly coming to a close. The adventures keep coming…stay connected!



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