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Wednesday dawned bright and sunny but with a nip in the air. I needed to get some supplies and also locate the nearest laundry. Sometimes doing every day chores is comforting enough that the mind is able to entwine with the inner spirit to create something that maybe worthwhile. That was the plan anyway.

The loose-leaf plan was to travel towards the centre and drift among the old and new. Mainly, I found new in the art centre.

Andrew Benyei

Gallery Andrew Benyei

Bronze sculpture of male and female dancers.

Perfect Marriage

She: Trust me that in taking flight I will return. Love my form but better love my spirit for this is the eternal me. Honour my abilities and forgive my faults as our two becomes one flowing into three.

He: Trust me that I will support you and let you soar. Desire my physical body but it is in my strength of character that you will find love. Honour my purpose and dance with me: united we become the three -body, soul and spirit.

Dance: It is when two become one that I am created. Then we as three flow out to be free.

Franco Cisternino:

Triplet Femminilita (top)

Leggiadria (middle)

Inno Alla Gioia (bottom)


On tiptoe with hands poised I am ready to emerge into life.

My master’s gentle touch sets free the music of my soul

Soft as feather down I float into the embrace of the future.

Patrick Beaudin


Bessie and Taurus
Snow White and Blood Red

Points of view

Look on me gently as I draw that which will nourish and feed upon the sweet nectar you willingly surrender. Bones strengthening creamy river of life I gratefully receive and thank you because you give, asking for nothing in return.

Look on me with respect as I do not fear the power and rage that flows within you. Surrendering nothing but a snort of contempt I feel your desire to crush my bones and spill my blood. Accept my challenge and we will face death together knowing one will give and the other receive.

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