To words unknown


This is kind of an experiment which was fun to do.

I don’t know if it works or not.

You decide.

Out of my mind

I asked the vendor if I could live here.
This wordy paradise.
Yet not just words; pictures, art and culture
burst forth in linear structures reaching from floor to ceiling.
All the wisdom and knowledge I could possibly absorb was here.
First the random choice, because where do you begin?

Alpha: Aristotle, Aesop and Agatha are
Bold against the beauty of Browning and Brooks.
Chaucer lieth cornered with Caspar and Chocolat
Delights with Duffy, but is deadened by diplomotology.
Eureka enlightenment in Foreign folk tales
Gathers ghostlike in Hobbits dim hollows.
In medias Res find Ibsen with Ice Cube
Jauntily juxtaposes Kierkegaard and Lowry’s
Matchstick mementos of Northern histories
Orwellian portents parallel Queen’s rich Rhapsody
Stirring my soul to the ‘nth degree
Upwards I look now for Verdi and Wagner
Welcoming Xanadu, Zero and finally,

I think I need to work on the rhythm in some places, but for now here it is.

One to grow on,



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