Devotionals: He is Risen!


He is risen indeed!

Section of the altar scene at St John the Evangelist Niagara Falls

I believe……On the third day he rose again from the dead.

I believe because of the accounts. Each writer may have written with a different perspective. Just as reporters write different stories and may report different facts and add their own view point, today, so the writers chosen to give account in the gospels and letters of the Bible, share different details of their own witness and encounter with Christ.

I believe because of the difference in these accounts which add up to give personal testimony of an alive Christ working in spirit with the people of His new church.

I believe and enjoy that belief with thousands of others across the world. Some personal acquaintances, others online others in what I read and hear.

I believe because I choose to believe with all my heart. Even in the depth of tragedy, it is that belief that stirs me, not as a temporary crutch just to get me through, but with my whole body, mind and soul I believe. It is my beginning and end. It is at the core of all I do. I work at that belief and choose to believe because for me it is the right.

I believe because I want to join in the dance. I want to sing with joy, clap my hands with the rhythm and step out my life with those around me. I want to do this not with an outdated principal, or a written code or even an unwritten but shared custom handed down from generation. I want to dance with a living, vibrant, supportive partner, who understands the clumsy feet, the awkward body and the mistakes I make in this choreography we call life.

Let us join the dance together.


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