Lenten devotionals: day 30


As we approach the final days of Lent I am asking your indulgence for a little bit of humour.

This evening I made Yorkshire puddings for the family to go with the beef pot roast. Not being British born, my grandson wanted to know how they were made, and I quote, “what makes them puffy”?

I answered in age old tradition, “because they are made with love”. Which reminded me of the Stanley Holloway monologue entitled Yorkshire Pudding. So may I present to you, courtesy of you tube, The tale of the first Yorkshire Pudding”

Made with love

For any readers, unfamiliar with Yorkshire’s ,’national,’ dish here is the recipe.

A Yorkshire tradition discusses Yorkshire traditions.

So, where am I going with this?

Lent follows, pancake Day, when traditionally, all fat and eggs are used up prior to the period of frugal eating of the Lent fast. Shrove means to be cleansed or absolved; starting with Ash Wednesday Lent becomes a time of self examination, for some, perhaps, even a period of denying oneself, a way of remembering and participating in a 40 day fast as Jesus did.

Yorkshire Pudding batter is made from similar ingredients to pancake batter, so as I was making them today, and enjoying sharing them with my family it seemed fitting to share with you.

Remembering the story also brought to mind that we are all made with love. It is the perfect love of Christ that enables us to be filled with joy and peace.

Father God, thank you that we can find pleasure in the simple things. Thank you for the joy of sharing family meals and family traditions. As Christ was welcomed into homes during His time on earth, may He also be welcome in our homes today, in the meals we enjoy with family. May we never take for granted the importance of family time, of sharing together and supporting one another. As we enter into these last few days of Lent, may we continue to diligently seek out ways to share our faith and the wealth we enjoy; “outdoing each other in showing honour”


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