Lenten devotionals: day 24


I believe in the resurrection

Previously in Judea,

Lazarus entombed
Mindful of sin Jesus wept
Grace for all mankind

A disciple continues the narrative

We followed in funereal quietness to the place where Lazarus was buried. A stone sealed the mouth of the cave.

“Roll away the stone” Jesus said.

“But Lord,” Martha protested, ” by now there will be an odour. My brother has been dead for four days!”

“Martha, only believe and you will see the glory of God”

Once the stone was rolled away Jesus prayed and then commanded

“Lazarus! Come here!”

There was no earth shattering quake, no thunderclap, no blinding light. Just a moment of not deathly but living vibrancy as Lazarus obeyed the voice of his Lord and master.

In a moment of normality that wasn’t Jesus simply said,

“Help him take off the death robes”

When I was dead to sin, buried in watery baptism, Jesus called and said, “Sue, come to me. You are burdened with many things. Bury them here, for I have already dealt with them. Take off the rubbish garb and wear these designer robes of purity, truth, innocence and life. I love you. Believe, and you will be given a path of rightness. Live to die no more. “

That is why I believe in the resurrection. Why do you believe?

Same hymn this time with words.

As I was debating which hymn to close with I found an otherwise unknown piece to me which is quite delightful, however not quite fitting for the meditation here so I have posted it on my music page. If you want to check it out follow the link.

Carman Lazarus

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