Lenten devotionals: day 20

I believe in the holy catholic church, the communion of saints

What is the purpose of the church?

The primary purpose of the church of course is to Worship God. The summary of the law as stated by Jesus is to love God with all our hearts, soul and mind. If this is our daily focus, then we will naturally worship He whom we love. A group of like minded people who get together praise or worship that which connects them.

A group of enthusiasts for a sports team swap stories about their favourite players, games they have watched, how brilliantly they are doing. They worship their team.

Groupies for a particular musician attend concerts and lift their hands in praise to the music.

A church, a group of believers, sharing the same faith, share stories, raise their voices in song and worship their creator, God and saviour.

This is a beautiful thing. Not for the beauty of sound, not for the feeling we get, not even for the joy we share. It is beautiful because God, in His wisdom as creator of all things, made us to worship Him in this way knowing that in so doing, we ourselves would also be blessed by it.

When the church worships, heaven responds.

When the church worships we reach up to God.

When the church worships His name is published.

When the church worships the Spirit moves.

When the church worships things happen.

I enjoy most church music and have wide taste including old hymns, spirituals, gospel, chant and Taise style.

What is your favourite Praise hymn or song?

It will be interesting to find out what variety we have in worship. Share your favourite in comments.

Good night and God bless. Have a great weekend.