Lenten devotions: Day 7


I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth;

And in Jesus Christ his only Son

The word, in character, was different from God Almighty and  God the spirit by those  life giving properties.  His  desire was to give life and become life – God incarnate in human form to restore a broken relationship between human being and God.

What is the relationship between God Almighty and Jesus the son?  A relationship which was from the beginning but in a different manifestation.  In the beginning Jesus was: the word in whom all things were made.  (John 1: 1-3)

Hear the story of Abraham and Sarah.

A long wait for a promised son stirred Abram into taking action.

“How could this promise of many descendants be real, when I am old and have no son?  We can fix this, I will create a son through my wife’s servant. “

But God told Abraham:  “This is not the one. Yes you have a son Ishmael, but your wife, Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac.”

Sarah and Abraham were patient and in their old age a beautiful son was born.   Was this now the way forward?  Abraham loved the boy and was faithful to God.

How things were about to change. God told Abraham to take this son, ‘his only son’; “the one you love” and present him as an offering.

Wait!  What? How can a father give up his child?

Strength of character and faith in God lay deep inside Abraham to summon up obedience and take a three day hike with Isaac.  On the way, pausing to gather up wood and asking Isaac to carry the wood raised questions.

How impossible it must have felt to answer those questions Isaac so innocently voiced. Was, “God will provide the lamb” to become Abraham’s mantra that took him to the place, make the altar, lay down the wood and then bind his son (his only son) and place him on the altar?

Was that his groaning cry as he lifted the knife in order to offer this ultimate sacrifice to God?  Did he question why?  He must have recalled times he had gone against God, argued with God, lied and cheated in God’s name.  Did he (fore) see God’s justice and righteousness as being the cause for this sacrifice and the only atonement possible?

God, stayed Abraham’s hand, called out to Abraham and indeed, did provide the sacrifice.

Today,  look back and see the similarities in the story of the lamb sacrifice……

Jesus carried his cross to the place of sacrifice.  He was obedient to His Father and willingly walked the distance to the cross.  Jesus was God’s son, His only Son, sacrificed for us, for the times we have turned away from Him, for the times when we have argued, lied and cheated and when we just could not be bothered to do the right thing.

Lord, as a mother and grandmother I identify with the anguish it must feel to lose a child, how more to willingly offer up that child for others?  Help me to accept this awesome gift with true grace, the grace and gratitude of a thankful life.   Today I will step with Abraham that long road of questioning and remember with joy the only answer we can give, “God will, and has, made provision.


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