Christmas Eve


I was up early to complete preparations for my contributions to the family dinner we were going to share at noon before separating for different parties and activities throughout the rest of the day. The custard layer added to the trifle, (non-vegetarian I’m afraid) cranberry sauce made, and a last minute addition, a flaky pastry crust for the pie.

As the family began to rise it was time for the last Advent calendar and then a casual breakfast.

The morning passed very quickly in achieving those last minute preparations, schedules also having to fit around the 8 month, active and inquisitive grandson.

Dinner was served on time and pleasant to all be able to sit down together instead of eating around work schedules and activities. The meat pie looked delicious and I enjoyed the roast vegetables, Brussels sprouts, peas and my special treat, charred endive (chicory) accompanied with the cranberry sauce which I had flavoured with chai tea to add a hint of spice.

I think everyone agreed that the trifle would be more enjoyed after a short break watching a movie, and it was then we noticed that it started to snow. Light flurries which did settle giving a beautiful frosting to the ground.

Then, one last shopping trip, to finish up those last minute items. Most successful was finding bars of the new green tea kit-kat which will be added to a certain fun parcel. We will publish our review later.

Now I am able to sit quietly watching the evening draw in, it has stopped snowing but some lingers on the ground and the sky slowly darkens in a last burst of colour and gradually as people return home in the neighbourhood houses and gardens are lit with cheerful lights and colourful trees.

The family are at various family gatherings and later I will attend Christmas Eve service and the joy, peace and love of Christmas will be amongst us.

This peace and blessing I wish for all, and may the wonder of this season be present for you and yours in whatever way you choose to celebrate.


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