Toronto… I’ll be back


An equally busy and exciting day was planned for my second day in my favourite city.  First on the agenda was a return to St James Cathedral for their exhibition of creche from around the world.  This is held in the education centre next to the cathedral itself.  It was interesting to see examples from around the world and spanning many years and using different media.  I will write a further a more detailed post later but here are pictures of some favourites.

Following this delightful display, yet wanting more Christmas tradition, it seemed natural to walk up to the Eaton centre to grab a coffee and watch others hustle and bustle their work days and holiday preparation.  Then over to Hudson Bay Company to admire the window displays. The theme this year seemed to be working models of toys with some fantastic displays.  Each window had its own guardian: a nutcracker soldier standing to attention in rank down the row. 

Having our inner child satisfied it was on to the grand finale, Bohemian Rhapsody shown at a nearby cinema. I had already seen it, as some readers will know, but it was going to be different sharing it with my daughter. I was not disappointed, and was actually surprised at the different atmosphere and how different aspects of the film created another view point. Before the show, I was given strict instruction not to sing, dance or laugh too loudly. (parents can be so embarrassing at times!). However the cinema was small, the audience even smaller so…

Well we didn’t actually sing out loud or dance but I think there was certainly some foot tapping, head nodding and discreet humming from the both of us. I am sure if we had been the only ones in the cinema we would have been dancing in the aisels.

Although this was the afternoon viewing, it was dark when we came out. Both of us enjoyed this feeling of the night drawing around us, allowing us time to reflectively make our way home as the city shifted from daytime business to night relaxation.

For me it signalled the end of my short visit as I was travelling to Niagara Falls to be with my other daughter and her family for Christmas. A short visit this time Toronto, but I will be back.


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