Upwardly mobile

So I’m putting the Huawei to another test, out and about in the middle of Ipswich. On the agenda today: senior movie at

Empire, spot of shopping last minute bits and pieces before my trip, indulge in Christmas tray at the favourite coffee and muffin place whilst enjoying the use of their WiFi as my home service is down. If I stay long enough it will be dusk on the way home so the drear weather will be made brighter by the Christmas lights.

I wonder how many houses will already be festive?

Now to this post worth your reading, here are the reviews

Senior movie time gets another thumbs up this week. Not so much for the movie but the service I noticed for other people. Everyone who arrived on time received a great cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit, nice to drink the tea still hot in the movie, just like home. I had taken my seat when a member of staff assisted someone to find her seat, which happened to be the one next to me. The lady then apologised for “being a nuisance” which of I assured her she was not at all a nuisance. Although a further explanation was not necessary, she went on to say that she had recently been diagnosed with early dementia and sometimes struggled with finding her way and forgetting things. We had a few minutes before the film started to chat, and she told me bits about her amazing life and travels throughout the world. I thanked her for sharing these memories with me and hoped that it would be these memories that she could treasure as she struggled to make sense of a world that sometimes would seem to be unfamiliar and difficult.

The film A Simple Favour, was probably not one I would have chosen to see at prime rate; however I did find it enjoyable, even though it did seem to trip into the ridiculous towards the end.

Directed by Paul Feig, it was the acting of stars Anna Kendrick as Stephanie and especially, Blake Lively as Emily that undoubtedly saved this from being a dark failure. Oh and the kids were cute too.

Well I think I have out stayed my legitimate time here without buying another tea. Too be continued…

Although the weather was still typical November grey and damp the lit up streets and store fronts gave the approaching twilight a sense of wonder and delight. A feeling I will always associate with the anticipation of seasonal festivity. There should be carol singers and music and market sellers barking their last of the day sales. Walking on past the newly developed town hall centre complete with Christmas tree, I paused to enjoy a quiet moment and capture the moment before heading to my next shop. It was then I heard the music; a capable violin playing Christmas carols. I was captivated and stood to enjoy the sound. Others too were standing and listening and many more dropped coins into the buckets as she was playing for cancer research. Perhaps you would like to share this experience?