Christmas memories in music

I was fortunate to have a reasonable music programme at the high school I attended and one of the works we studied one Christmas was an opera, “Amahl and the night visitors”.

I enjoyed it from the outset as it is based on ne of my favourite parts of the nativity story, the journey of the magi.

I also remember it being one of the first pieces that I realised that music could be fun and contain humour.

I love the interaction of the mother and son, and the grandeur of the magi contrasted with the lighter portrayal of the lovable Casper.

I’m not sure I ever persuaded the rest of my family to enjoy it however I would try to watch it if shown on TV over Christmas, often staying up late to do so.

Here is a short section:

To watch a whole performance follow the link below.

What are some of your favourite Christmas music memories?