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Firstly,  a most humble apology for being ‘quiet’ for about a week, now.  I have been having trouble with my internet connection.  I am now, rapidly trying to get something completed here so that I can post a quick item before the line ‘drops’ again.  Most annoying.

So here we are, December 2nd and the first Sunday of Advent.  A time of waiting and preparation.  Traditionally for my household, it’s the time when the first set of decorations appear, Christmas china is lovingly brought out of the cabinets, washed and put to use, and this year’s advent wreath is set up and lit.   We have now progressed from the commercially made calendars to homemade calendars, which often have taken at least 3 months to plan and start preparing.  It may include carefully chosen little gifts or items, along with a card, or a verse or other surprise and presented in a unique way.  This year, I have produced a calendar of advent promises for my daughter, a card to open everyday with a promise she can exchange on a future date.  But of course, there is a chocolate surprise everyday also, because it is Christmas, after all.

This evening we are off to an advent service, which will complete our week-end of doing fun things for the start of the Christmas build up.  The apartment is beginning to look quite festive, Christmas lights shine in the window, and we have the cutest baby Christmas tree ever.

For you, dear readers, there should have been an advent calendar, but with lack of internet, it has been delayed, but I will post as soon as possible.

In the meantime enjoy this festive surprise courtesy of you tube


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