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I was actually working on this music blog last Monday, but got distracted and then was ill for the rest of the week so didn’t manage it.  Here it is a week late with maybe one other as a bonus.

I could give you the history of how my peculiar mind-wanderings brought me to wanting to post this, but you probably don’t want to get into my mind that deeply, so suffice it to say it started, as usual, from something that was on my Discover weekly Spotify list, that made me think of duelling banjo’s and circumvented its way to remembering that this talented trio of musicians, on everyone’s minds and featuring on British T.V. in the 70’s/80’s  and happened to give a concert in Liverpool, (where I was living at the time) called Jacques Loussier Trio, did a kind of duelling threesome thingy.   I have tried to find it on you tube, with so far no luck, I can’t remember what they called it, and wonder if, they perhaps only played it in concerts ….. come on Sue, cut this short.

I chose their interpretation of Ravel’s Bolero and this viewing as I love the close up work of the camera, especially of the hands of the musicians and their faces, capturing intensity, fun, delight and power of performance.

Slight word of warning, ’tis quite long, so if you want to save and watch later, or if you just choose to watch some of it, I won’t throw a ‘hissy fit’; as long as you at least give it a try.


Soo…………. from the sublime to the ridiculous although the playing is just as sublime really..


Enjoy these offerings today, and if anyone out there remembers and has evidence of the Jacques Loussier piece of which I was referring, I  would love to hear from you.

Actually, anyone can feel free to connect…. blessings on you all.


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