of ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties…

A selection of stuff that may or may not tickle your fancy this October 31st

Living close to Sutton Hoo I have come to enjoy the magnificence and importance of this story.

The British Library are hosting two productions of the story as part of their Anglo Saxon season.

Then we must, of course, include Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  Decide whether you want trick or treat

And just to remind us that we learn something everyday,  the rest of the verse from the title.

From ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties

And things that go bump in the night

Good Lord protect us.

I have always credited this as a Scottish prayer, however from research, it is possible that it might have a wider origin. If this kind of thing fascinates you, click on the picture to follow the link.

scottish prayer


Seriously, we all fight our own demons so I’ve included this in dedication to a great performer with a haunting, wonderful voice.


For all the little goblins, monsters and other noble characters out on the town tonight have fun and stay safe.

Praying the Creed: Day 9

Has reciting the creed so far been easy for you?

Have the meditations given you that boost for the day, that feel good factor and helped you to centre your day around your belief?

Today. we have reached the core of the creed.  The core of our belief, and in our times, perhaps the most controversial statement.

I believe in God, the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,

Conception.  This word  refers to not just the creation of a child, but also to mean forming a reality from an idea.  Inventors have an idea and then go through the process of making that concept become tangible.

We form a  conception of what an animal is when comparing animals to each other.

Joining  up the dots to combine reflective thinking and abstract ideas is to conceptualise.

Therefore to conceive is to bring something to fruition, carrying overtones of being fertile, giving birth and creating something new.

In the creed it is to bring the intangible ‘word’ of God into the tangible person, Jesus: son of God and our Lord.   In so doing we acknowledge and accept the third person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit; often described as the shy member of the God Head.

In the beginning we are told, “and the spirit of God moved over to the waters” (Genesis 1:2)  He was the concept or the idea of what was to be created.

When God made man, the concept was to be created in God’s image. So God imparted some of his Spirit or breath into Adam as he formed him.  That same Spirit points us to God throughout our lives and convinces us of the wrong within us.

Under the old covenant the Spirit appeared and guided through judges, prophets, priests and kings.   These appointed leaders were given power, words, visions and strengths as required:  given through the breath, anointing or invitation of the spirit.  Different gifts and identities and methods, yet all with the same purpose.  That of  inspiration to be holy, to show mercy, be humble and look to the future, to another redeemer and deliverer.

The promise of Emmanuel is the predominant concept of the old covenant.  Rightly it is when the spirit of God moves his messengers to speak, we have words that adjust our attitude, call us to question and soothes us with grace; the best is yet to come.  (Isaiah 9:2-6; 11:1-9; 40:1-5;59:21)

At the correct time the spirit was involved in a quiet, unobtrusive manner serving God the Father and the Son.  The spirit was the seed that would bring the plan to fruition.  This seed did not look for prowess, status or power.  He chose a humble, devote young girl, ready to take on this mission.  One who would be strong yet partnered to a loyal husband, who would watch and learn as she saw her son grow and become a man, who would support and challenge him and who would ultimately grieve his death.

This spirit, who we acknowledge as we say these words, “who was conceived of the Holy Spirit” quietly must work in us, through the grace of God and the redemption of Christ.

If we do not accept the importance, relevance and power of the miraculous then we deny the Spirit and the truth is not in us.  If we claim the power of the Spirit but do not have the Word the truth is not in us.  If we want the power of God but do not have the redemption of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit within us we cannot speak the truth.

Lord, let me hear the whisper of the Spirit within;  act  in the grace you abundantly provide in the redemption of Christ by showing mercy and love – living in peace throughout this day and always.

In the manner of the spirit, quietly and unassumingly connect with others and share your faith today.

Legends on tiptoe

There are somethings that just naturally go together

apple pie and ice-cream (custard maybe  if you’re British)

toast and Marmite

cold winter evenings, a warm blanket and a film

a good novel read by the fire  the list goes on.

For today’s musical contribution I’ve chosen a classic duo Ladysmith  Black Mambazo and Paul Simon.

Why “Diamonds on the Sole of her Shoes”?  Because it reminds me of a younger me, at home with the children, foot tapping, singing along, feeling my way through sometimes hard times, but hanging on because of music that delighted, friends that supported, family that loved and my belief in all things positive.  It made me feel like I had diamonds on the sole of my shoes, whilst God gave me diamonds on my soul.

Go ahead and crank up the sound, watch on full screen, and enjoy this and feel the excitement of being at a concert even whilst you are at home, perhaps doing the boring stuff, because that’s the power of social media, internet and our modern living.


Feel better now?

Share the love, give it a like and write your thoughts, it is all about connecting the world.


Great Artists Steal

Going to steal oh I mean re-blog this. Thanks for posting.

Calming, quieting, centering.

This came in my subscription email On being and it accurately describes my thoughts and ideas for the last few years so wanted to share it with you.


A night at the opera?

Ticket collected and suitably refreshed I excitedly made my way to the screening of Bohemian Rhapsody.  Since first watching the trailer I had been looking forward to this evening.

Shown in the impact theatre perhaps enhanced the sound a little but I felt not to any  great a degree that I would pay more.  Although the audience was not as big as I expected, the atmosphere was warm, with not quite a buzz of expectancy, more like a ‘hum’ and a bit of a sing a long.  Rated at 12A (England)  I appreciated one younger member of the audience, obviously excited and eager to show off her ‘moves’ whilst we toured  through the trailers and commercials and dutifully turned off our phones at the prompt.

The film takes us back, introducing Freddy as an emerging moth from a strict, Zoroastrian chrysalis, exploring the night life and music scene of 1960’s and joining up with May and Taylor in 1971.

From this the film romps and raves with the band but places more and more focus on Freddy Mercury; becoming an almost ‘coming of age’ movie about his exploration of who he is, what he wants, how to get it and final acceptance of himself, including his gay relationships and finding that actually he was ‘born to perform’.   This all interlaced with possibly a top 5 choice of what music to highlight, making the film story, not a ‘Mama Mia’ soundalike.

It does have mixed reviews from the professional critics, but if you go with a sense of nostalgia, fun and wanting to be amused with sound music then I believe you will enjoy it.  Highlights definitely have to be Rami Malek’s superb acting, including coping with the rather overdone false overbite whilst having to sing (yes, I believe he does sing at least one of the songs) talk and look good. Also  some of the interaction of the band together showing that families need the good and the bad and when coffee pots are picked up in anger, members are late and let us down, families stick together, tell us the good stuff and accept us failure and all and help us become who we are take the movie up to the finale, a reenactment of 1975 Live Aid Concert: complete with foot stomping, singing, cheering and feel good factor raising the roof ( “Wembley Stadium doesn’t have a roof” “Then we’ll touch the sky and beyond”)    I defy anyone to not agree with Taylor “Freddy you are a legend” and Mercury, “We are all legends”.

In conclusion:  my choices

Favourite music: conception and realisation of BoRhap with the idea of “We will Rock You”

Favourite lines:  unfortunately I can’t remember it verbatim however Freddy, describing himself and his music ” I am a misfit, joining with three other misfits, playing to a crowd of misfits who just want to understand”.

Favourite scenes

  1. Mary and Freddy lying under the piano playing the tune
  2. The ‘reunion’ with May in control, making Freddy wait and leave the room to talk with the band.
  3.  (most poignant) Mary and Jim arm in arm recognising Freddy’s talent during Live Aid concert

Conclusion:  Most people stayed in the theatre to watch the credits roll to catch the last notes of the music.   Everyone left humming, talking, smiling and feeling that they had just watched something good (if not epic).  I was drained with emotion enjoying the quiet bus ride home to reflect.  I have written this not even sure if it makes sense but hoping that if you haven’t done already you will go watch the film.  I did, I saw, I enjoyed and I will return.


Bohemian Rhapsody

The movie premiers in England today.  I have booked my ticket for this evening and can’t wait.  Will no doubt do a review for journal blog later.

Meanwhile, enjoy…



Food for Thought

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Romance and passion in one beautiful voice

“Blow the Wind Southerly”  a traditional Northumbrian folk song, appeared on a link on my Spotify list and I was immediately taken back to Sunday nights; family supper listening to 100 best tunes with Alan Keith.  Kathleen Ferrier was a favourite especially when singing this song.

As a romantic teenager, music lover and choir member I longed to have a voice like hers with the skill and artistic ability to bring such mood into her singing.



A more recent by Laura Wright:


Bryn Terfel has included it on his Homeward Bound CD.   Lovely voice but I struggle with sentiment hearing this in male voice.

You tube has many more versions.  Which one is your favourite?  Join the conversations and connect.

Old favourites re-worked

There are many renditions of one of the most well known of the Psalms, The Lord is my shepherd.

This is a re-worked version that I actually like, it retains the peacefulness that the words convey and it honours the great truth,” Your goodness will lead me home.”


In contrast any hip hop rappers out there who can do a passable urban version?

Always looking for new music, styles and suggestions.

Enjoy your day and connect!