A human doing will become a human being


My thoughts on education, self-help and living to your potential.

As a child brought up in middle-class Britain, one of the 50’s baby-boomers,  my informative years thrust me into education as the be all and end all of getting into the right career, landing that perfect job and the ‘happy ever after’ life-style.

As a female, emerging from the war years, when women began to become empowered, I was influenced by my two aunts choosing  to be self supportive, independent and having more career options.

As a scholar a product again of the baby boomers, and not of the ‘elite’ able to attend the grammar school, the local comprehensive became my Alma mater.   Instead of classics and languages my timetable included practical subjects learning skills still used today.  Budgeting, planning and cooking nutritious and inventive meals.  A basic  understanding of colour, balance, perspective to be brave enough to break away from convention to be creative.  Ability to  read music and enjoy performing in choirs and orchestras produced  valuable lessons in working together, harmony and the pleasure of performance and achieving something beautiful.  Sitting here, typing these words, on my laptop, using software to let my thoughts wing across the globe reminds me that those tedious  typing lessons gave me the skills and interest to use technology to best advantage.

My faith background was the basis for spiritual growth into acceptance, preservation of life and the belief that actions reflect the inner person.  What better place to practice these than in school and on into workplace?  Fortunately, a role as prefect ( not quite making the grade as head girl) fostered a desire to be useful, to take pride in the establishment and assist in making it a welcoming and safe environment.

I worked.  Not always on subjects that were required, but I worked hard to be active.  I worked hard to be a good prefect.  I worked hard to understand others and learn about how the world works. I worked hard to ‘do’ things, member of the choir and the orchestra, performing prefect duties and taking on extra responsibilities.  Through the teenage years, on into early adult life, starting a career, becoming a wife, mother, and member of the community I worked and performed.  I obeyed the rules.  When necessary I took on new roles, learned new skills, jumped through hoops, dedicated my existence to doing everything I could to be better, more efficient and successful.  Super Mom, super teacher, super woman.  Do.  Do more.  Do even better,  Life was good.

Gradually, as life turns, adventures become more meaningful.  Actions for the sake of doing become actions for the sake of others.  Lessons become more about strength of character, inner growth and a sense of purpose.  Work life not only serves its purpose but has a purpose of its own bringing with it a depth of enjoyment, fulfilment at being part of the bigger picture.  A service to others.  There is a balance and harmony which inspires well being.  It allows the body to make suggestions that relaxation, rest and restoration are necessary and good.  There is an upside down and inside out way of thinking and goals become outward seeking  rather than inward looking.  Even in those moments when immaturity, selfishness and negativity impose themselves, memory and inner spirit graciously allow forgiveness, growth and positive outcomes to prosper.

For me, that inner spirit is the spirit of the divine, the word of God and the workings of my creator.

For you, it maybe different, but in all we strive to become on this earth, human beings.

We become who we are

We become.

Today, I wish for you, dearest readers that your struggles will become successes, you will flourish in adversity and become stronger in the playground we call life.

Cyber hugs





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