Musings on Music or does Granny Sue really listen to beatbox?


If you have arrived here from my music page may I extend my warmest thanks and greetings.

Having recently started my new adventure: daily postings of a piece of music that might slowly build up a picture of me and what I am about, my research led me through these channels of thought and ‘inter-webbing’ 

I had chosen to go a bit classical today and away from vocal to instrumental and decided on Yo Yo Ma and his cello.

Why do I like the cello?  The smooth tones and yet versatility please me.  Then I recalled either reading or being told that the string instruments are the closest to the human voice in sound or timbre.  Well, these days, one is compelled to do further research on this, is there anything in it?  Where does it come from?

Quite quickly I found out that no, of course nothing sounds really like the human voice, and nothing really sounds like another instrument.  And yet somehow I wasn’t quite ready to dismiss this as a concept.  The non-science, romantic part of me still clamoured  to connect the idea that to be inner thinking, moved to tears, or soothed it would be the human voice, cello or violin to which I would turn.

Then still delving I came across this:

Worth scrolling down and watching all the videos to realise the true potential of the human voice.

And look what we can do now, not soothing but great entertainment.

Which artist captured your interest/your heart?

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