British afternoon tea….


…and a smattering of French.

Today being one of those wonderful, late September sunny days, warm enough to sit outside and soak up the tranquillity of the country, I decided that my afternoon perambulation required the inclusion of a cup of tea and a little something.

Choosing the place I  started out on the familiar route taken when I walk to church.  It has that quintessential English countryside atmosphere mixed in with modern urban living which appeals to my quirky, off the wall personality.

It takes me by the familiar landmark of the B.T. tower, and a short distance along the A12 which on a Sunday morning is usually quiet, but today had the business and speed of the working day traffic.  So, in contrast, it was pleasant to turn off along the quieter footpath towards my destination.

My destination being  The Stables at Brightwell Barns office spaces.    The perfect place to take tea outside, close to the rainwater pond, complete with ducks, and views of the freshly ploughed fields ready for autumn sowing or fallow.


All too soon it was time to leave this idyll, pick up the pace and return home, via the supermarket to pick up daily essentials, milk, fruit and fresh flowers for the table.

Choosing not to be frustrated by the self check out and feeling the need for interaction I waited in line.  Was it serendipity that I was followed by someone I knew from the church I previously attended.  He was someone I admired from a distance.  Admired for his quiet manner of reverence and acceptance of circumstances which comes from experience and living through some tough times.  A native of France, I was able to practice my smattering of French by greeting him and asking after his health.

He responded in kind, to which I had to confess that those simple phrases were about the limit of my French knowledge, so we continued the conversation in English, just having time to exchange pleasantries; much to the bemusement of the young lad on the till.

This seemed to me to be a fitting end to the afternoon… is this what life is about?  Taking time to enjoy simple pleasures, in pleasing and well loved surroundings.  Interacting with those whom we meet, even just for a few moments a  brief acknowledgement of their existence and that we share this moment of time together.

Now as the time in my part of the world edges on into late evening, and we turn to rest and quietness I wish those of you who share my ramblings a very good evening and quiet, peaceful dreams.

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