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This blog is presented to you today whilst attending my first ‘writing workshop’.

I have been looking forward to this day since first registering.  The appeal of being able to write uninterrupted for a whole day, in a different environment, and sharing ideas, well really what’s not to like?

An added bonus was location; a small village that was not too far off my regular travel route when I was last working.  I knew the area to dismiss the fear of getting lost, but was sufficiently unfamiliar with the actual village for it to be one to add to my list.

It was fun driving the familiar route this morning, and ‘B.J.’ performed well – just like old times really.  On arrival in the village I was not disappointed.  Rural location, surrounded by fields and an enchanting variety of houses ranging from small cottages, new build bungalows, rambling farm houses with charming add-on’s to the Great Hall.

It is now after the effect and I reflect on the experience.

  • In planning to attend, I decided that I was going to concentrate on writing articles rather than posts, possibly with a view to starting to be published and earning a bit of cash.
  • Writing in a new environment, in a peaceful creative space with like minded, driven people was the focus I required to ‘just do it’ to use the well known phrase.
  • Occasionally each of us would take breaks and perhaps share notes, ideas and progress.
  • The organiser produced a fantastic lunch which served to keep the creative juices flowing and helped us to take breaks that suited our natural flow.  We were encouraged to get up and walk around, go outside for fresh air, breathe in our surroundings, coming up from the depths of finding just that perfect word, to relax and be stimulated for renewed attack.
  • I was amazed at how the time flew by.  I’m not sure why this surprised me, as I am constantly amazed at how fleeting time is.  However, looking back on the day, I felt good about the amount of writing I had achieved.  Best of all I felt good at where I was heading with this work, and knew that it meant progression in my writing status.  It was a positive experience and whilst I wouldn’t feel the need to attend them regularly, I will add them to my agenda occasionally.

The pros:  Writing space away from distraction of daily life

A creative space in a new environment

The encouragement of sharing with others, sharing own writing or just experiences.  Human to human contact is necessary, sometimes I have to be reminded of this.

Satisfaction of setting and meeting a daily quota, and the feel good factor.

Improvement points: Practice what you do well and learn what to leave out.

I would have enjoyed some short, interactive activities or part of the time given to a speaker or workshop situation.

Although the lunch was great, I would have preferred a more casual approach, perhaps just the use of a kitchen and drinks and snack items left out so that we could fend for ourselves.  This would suit my ‘picky’ eating habits, whether good or bad.

Chance to leave feedback and evaluation perhaps?

Post Mortem:

To finish I will do the ‘toastmasters’ sandwich of encourage, recommend and be positive.  It was a lovely day.  I enjoyed the writing, the environment, the engagement with others and the advice and encouragement.  I felt inspired, motivated and rewarded for efforts.  It was the beginning of a new relationship with writing.  Here’s to many more.


Be inspired


Sylvia Plath

Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”





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