Colour my world.


Recently I have become fascinated by colour, shape and pattern.

It is all in the general re-invention of self as I move on from being a full, 100%, dedicated, crazy teacher.  It was a job I loved to the maximum, yet felt that it was time to move on whilst I did still love it and could take away fond memories.

Who is the new Sue?

Always an avid reader, it is now fantastic to read things that titillate, challenge, motivate and inspire – or even just become a bit tedious, but that I finish anyway, knowing that I have time, and that the next book will probably restore my faith in the writing profession.

Whilst sometimes enjoying freedom as opposed to regime and structure; routine and finding  peace and sanity in the everyday is also important.  Thus I am challenged to go off on a tangent, do something crazy or start something new, knowing that it is possible to change plans and just have a ‘choring’ day if  necessary for self preservation.

But best by far is the enjoyment of  being able to explore my local area and find beauty, shape and structure in the old, the great, the bizarre and the beautiful.  To absorb new ideas, mull over dormant philosophies and stretch the  imagination, toning  mind, soul  and body to be healthy in the whole sense of the word.

The common thread throughout this metamorphosis is becoming brave –  brave enough to wear bright colours, to bring colour and shapes and textures in a mish-mash, peculiar array of items creating joy from memories, joy in the new and joy in being, not doing.

I leave you with this quote to ‘amuse’ you…

While we think of color as an attribute, really it’s a happening: a constantly occurring dance between light and matter.

and some pictures to illustrate my thought patterns.

All pictures taken from a glorious afternoon spent at Helmingham Hall, Suffolk, UK.

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