Praying the creed: Day 7


I believe in God, the Father Almighty,
maker of heaven and earth;

And in Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord;

It is one thing to believe in God and acknowledge Him as creator of our world.

It is one thing to believe in the man Jesus who lived at one time on this earth.

It is a greater thing to believe that this man Jesus comes from God, is part of God and is able to deliver us promising salvation.

Can I now state that this Jesus, this part of the God Head, this saviour is also my Lord?

Definition:  one having power or authority

                      a ruler

                      one having land or property 

                       one who has mastery or leadership in some area of expertise.

All  of the above refer to lord using lowercase.   Merriam Webster assures me that capitalised Lord refers to God and Jesus.


Recalling instances in Jesus’ life I recognise places where he demonstrates lordship in power, rule, authority.  Witnesses to his life, not just his disciples, also recognised authority and masterful qualifications.  His reputation often went before him;

A leper wanting to be made clean,” Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.”

A Canaanite woman wanting healing for her daughter,” Have mercy on me O Lord, son of David”

And Zacchaeus, “Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor.”

In His miracles he demonstrates mastery over creation; the Lord of the earth has no problem in turning water into wine, controlling the storm and  walking on water.  He is able to heal the body, the mind and even bring life to the dead.

In his teaching even the masters of the law in the synagogues recognised his expertise in study of scripture and knowledge of God being amazed at his questions and understanding.

In doubt?  Witness the resurrection of Christ through Mary’s eyes.

What made her stay behind at the tomb when the others left?  In her grief she checked again, “was the tomb really empty?  Had they missed something?”  She listened as the angels wondered why she was weeping.  She longed for her Lord, even in death, to honour Him and care for Him as the laws demanded.

Turning away from the tomb, she saw someone whom she supposed to be the gardener.

“Tell me where He is, sir, so that I can honour him.”

Then he spoke to her.  It took just the speaking of her name for her to recognise Him.

Without true understanding she recognised him with the title “Rabboni or Master”.

But following his direction she found the disciples and then told them “I have seen the Lord”

It is a faithful step to then acknowledge that Jesus, Lord does these because He is of God and must fulfill his purpose.  It is a faithful response to then accept His saving grace and make him Lord of our life.

Aah, but what does this mean?

A Lord has charge over our physical welfare. His payment is that we become good stewards of the blessings he pours on us.

A Lord asks that we learn from him and accept his mastery and expertise over life.  He will gently lead us as we make decisions and walk in faith each and every day.

A Lord asks that we rejoice in His presence and tell of his faithfulness.

A Lord asks for commitment and loyalty and dedication.

A Lord asks for me.




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