“You are to be holy to me because, I, the Lord, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.”  Leviticus 20:26

A voice out of a burning bush,  “Moses, Moses!”

The bush burned with crackling snap of dried branches, with flames intense heat, and smoke rising to heaven.

Curiosity killing not the cat, but the fear,  Moses replied, ” Here I am” .

“Stay!  Do not come closer!  Take off your sandals. This is holy ground”

“Who are you?”

“I am.  The God of your father, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

Now the fear returns; no-one looks on the face of God and lives.

“Listen.  Your cry and the cry of the people has risen to me and I have heard.  I have come to rescue them and deliver them to a promised land.  Now go.”

“What me?”

“Yes.  Trust me. Have faith that you and the people will worship me again on the holy mountain.”

“But why will they follow me?  Who are you?”

“I am: the everlasting name.

Go and claim your land….. a land of plenty and promise.”

“But they will not believe me.  A sign, please?”

Not one, but three signs.  A rod turning to a snake; a hand suddenly diseased and then healed; water from the Nile turned to blood.

“But well, you know me Lord.  I am not eloquent.  I will make a fool of myself and they will laugh.”

“Go.  I will be with you and be your mouth and your wisdom.”

“Lord not me.  Someone else would be better.  Not me.”

“Go.  Take Aaron your brother and know that I am.”

It was not easy.  Signs that were met and equalled by Egyptian wise men.  Plagues and horrors.  Hardened hearts.  Give and take.  The ultimate test.

God spoke in all these tests and trials.  Finally had Pharaoh had enough?

“Moses, Aaron.  Up!  Leave.  Go and worship your god.”

The exodus.

The people left with more than they had.

No longer slaves, free to worship and follow God.

A journey and a life time later, following laws and decrees set out by God we witness an exodus of people  becoming a nation; many tribes and families, but one holy nation set apart by God, his chosen people as promised to Abraham.

Led by  a transformed Moses; who listened, struggled, watched, learned and grew.  He became ‘father’ to this nation administering law, justice and deliverance.  Truly a life set apart and holy.

A ministry started with the  removal of  shoes on holy ground and ending in the removal of an earthly body but to whom had been revealed the glory of God on the mountain.















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