Accepting the Challenge


The wall loomed in front of me and I watched as other climbers scaled it’s height; the daring going up in record speed, the ‘professionals’ using only half the footholds and hanging on with only one hand, the novice using a more measured, careful pace.  Which was I going to be?  Would I falter at the last minute?

I stepped up to the mark and waited for the signal to start.  Not looking down, I worked my way up, surprised to find myself almost at the top in what seemed like a few minutes. Using the provided grip I hauled my way onto the top.  Was I to be rewarded with a slide down the other side?  Oh yes!  Then I noticed the water…..

What was ahead?  A dark tunnel with objects to navigate then out into the open again.  Hopefully the sun would begin to dry at least my skin if not my soaking clothes.

For the next few minutes I bounced, pushed, squeezed and navigated along the course, using muscles that I had forgotten I had, and feeling great applying strength from muscles toned by my plank exercises!

Over, under, through, along, army crawl, hands and knees the occasional stumble rewarded by another short slide until oh…. it was the end; up the short flight of ‘steps’ and the final slide!

Knowing I couldn’t have done this without S.J. shouting me on……. I suggested she go round again on her own so that she could enjoy the course.

This completed we had enough time to do one more lap together!

The selfie says it all!



We did it!

Thank you Trinity Park for hosting a fabulous day.   Here are some highlights of our time spent with you.




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