Random thoughts from a popcorn mind

Yes, it has been quite a while since I wrote a journal.  I could go into the reasons but that would make a very negative post so I won’t.

To get me back into routine here are some very random ideas and thoughts jumping around enticingly in my ‘popcorn’ mind.

  1. Order out of chaos.  A quote from the last book I read – reviewed on Goodreads – and the one phrase that stuck.  It was used by one of the main characters to describe her mother and I liked it as that’s what I crave.  Is it so often missing in this overloaded, crazy, ever decreasing ‘world’ of ours?  Are we always too much like the white rabbit, looking at timed devices and exclaiming -” I’m late!”?  Take the choice now to create some order in your life.  Too hard?  Start small, baby steps, baby steps.  Decide today to have control over one change you can make.  Try it, you’ll like it!
  2. Marmite.  Went on a special shopping trip today to purchase the new Marmite breakfast biscuits.  Yes, guilty as charged, I am indeed a Marmite lover.  The verdict, well, the biscuits are packaged in packs of two biscuits, the first I ate with my mug of tea (Suffolk Blend) after returning from said shopping spree.  The second biscuit is now still packaged on the table beside me………. (to be cont’d.)*
  3. Mary Quant.  Whilst driving to the store I was listening to BBC broadcast about Mary Quant fashion icon of the ’60’s.  Jenny Lister, curator at Victoria and Albert Museum explained the upcoming exhibition of Mary Quant’s designs.  At present they are asking for donations from the public of items they purchased and wore during this era.   One item that they mentioned as iconic was the PVC brightly patterned coats.  Yes, I had one, no actually I think I had two, but mine were exclusive.  Not being able to afford the ‘real thing’ my mother lovingly made me two coats, to my choice of material and design, so that I could look the part.  I can’t imagine what it must have been like to sew the PVC.  I can picture my favourite one now.  Lots of small, brightly coloured stylised flowers on a black background.  Oh did I feel trendy in that coat.  It fitted perfectly, of course, and I loved wearing it.  I liked the smell, the shape, the colours and I even got used to the funny feel of it.  I wish I had a picture of it, but I don’t think I do.   Looking back, and remembering the dedication that my mother put into making dresses, coats and various fashion fads for me, I wonder if I expressed how delighted I was with them?  I was one lucky teenager to have a mother so gifted to be able to do that.  No, I did not wear fashion labels; I wore exclusive, home designed, one-of-a-kind clothes that I felt good in.  Thank you Mom,  I hope I said thank you enough times when you were with me.
  4. * breakfast biscuit no 2 now eaten!

Enjoy your day everyone and thanks for reading.