Turmoil and Tranquility


This post is all about recent events.

Introduction: I had to go to Hartford to the Greyhound Bus Station in order to exchange my return bus ticket to Canada; wanting to return a couple of days earlier than first planned.   Whilst I’m mentioning this, here is a definite shout out to the staff managing the Greyhound ticket office that day.  I could not have wished for better service.  They were polite, understanding and committed to giving everyone the service they required.  They listened attentively and gave us the best option for our travel arrangements.  Well done Greyhound!

As Hartford appeared to be an interesting town thought I’d also visit some places. Aiming to avoid the usual tourist spots; a walk along the river, First church of Christ and the ancient burial ground.

I was not disappointed by our choice.  The river walk was first on the agenda.

Starting at the science centre we walked down to the river.  Amazing views of the river and the bridges.  I have this thing about structures and street architecture …..



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We particularly noted the indication of high water levels.  A great place to walk, chat, be together and reflect.  As the weather brightened so did our spirits and we were ready for more.

On to the first church of Christ place of worship.  This resonated with me as it had ties to places close to where I live in England.  Also  it was adjacent to the Ancient Burial ground – another ‘to do ‘ activity wherever we are visiting.  A great place to learn the history and have a grasp of the culture of a town.

Disappointingly, the church was not open, however walking through the burial ground we were able to gain more information and also see the back of the church ( more industrial architecture!)


Tranquillity came in the burial ground.  Amid the hustle and bustle and noise of a city lay the fathers and makers of the town.  People fighting their own battles – drowning, small pox, old age, complications at birth, childhood diseases – the headstones testimonies of families that cared and wanted their life to be remembered.   Can I capture some of the still quietness in these few pictures?

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This peace was evident –  there to be sought in a town that at that very hour was dealing with tragedy and turmoil; a police woman viciously attacked as she carried out what should have been a routine duty.   The sound of sirens merged with the tolling of the church clock.  Both a summons but to different scenes and tasks.   To one a call to be strong, courageous and supportive; the other a call to be supported, gain strength and find the courage to go on.  To both the touch of human to human and human and divine as prayers evidenced a community that cared.  Let us be thankful for our police and emergency services that face life changing experiences every day.  It is in our own gratitude and expression of hope for change that we can truly find peace.










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  1. Sarah Joy Maddeaux
    May 23, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    An 17th-C burial ground is ‘ancient’?? 🙂

    Sounds like a not very nice day, but I’m glad that you’re ok and enjoyed your moments of tranquility.

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