“A good day at the office”


Yesterday was a great day.

My son had the day off work and we had planned to spend the day together.  I had visions of going out and visiting places and ‘doing’.  This did not quite work out, I think he and God had better plans and although we did achieve much, the morning was spent ‘being’ together, chatting and preparing crafts required for Sunday school.

A lovely time to catch up, enjoy family memories and have wonderful mother and son time together.

After that, time for a treat.  We picked up Ashley from work and then on to Grass Roots

Ice-cream.  Actually what I did notice was the absolutely stunning tree which took my breath away as we drove by, turning round to get a view from all sides, I noticed it was close to the ice-cream place.  Great.  Ice cream and Trees!

Just to prove that I did eat ice-cream – even though it was not 100º in the shade!


MMMMMMMMMMMm Chai Tea ice-cream!

Does any of my family agree I look like Aunty Daisy in this picture?

The tree?  Here’s a taster but it will have it’s own special blog at a later date!



Later in the afternoon after the kids returned from school a quick snack and then shopping!  New shoes, new summer outfits and a needle to be able to blow up the bingo prize basketball.

Still time after dinner to play outside in the cool of the evening.  The new shoes encouraged great basketball skills, the new shorts look great and the basketball really bounces!  Now all tired ready for baths and bed.

Grandma would call this a great day!


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