Early morning quietness



The view out of my bedroom window already promises a warmer, drier day as does the forecast.  Windsor is slowly waking up as the traffic going by makes its way to work after the week-end and the early morning flights from Bradley Airport have arrived and left.

Now, I hear the stirrings of the family.  Who has slowly crept downstairs in the hopes of finding an early morning, pre-breakfast snack and either a quiet read or some sneaky ‘screen time’?  My guess would be Thatcher.

I can hardly believe I have been here for nearly a week, and yet when I reflect I have achieved some targets  and been many places.  I am remembering what looking after energetic, mischievous yet delightful children and trying to run a home as well as holding down almost full time employment is like.  Perhaps that is how I learned organisation and method is key to performance.  Also the necessity of having a sense of humour, being grateful for the times things go smoothly, and thankful for children who look after each other and learn how to accept each other for who they are.

Ah, I hear voices and the sound of ‘breakfast’ going on in the kitchen.  Time for Grandma to get up.  See you later!





































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