Basketball, Bingo and Bed

Grandma has arrived in U.S.A.  and was delighted to be met by the whole family eager to give hugs, say hello and tell me how pleased they were to see me.  What a witness to my fellow travellers of a wonderful family!

An$d what glorious weather!!  Sun, heat and refreshing rain in the evening.  Everyone outside after school to play, run off the energy and get good and tired ready for bath and bed.

I quickly found out that my grandsons are practising their skills at basketball and are clever shooters.  They quickly found out that I am not.  However they graciously told me that; ” For a grandma you are pretty good”!  “You are old so it doesn’t matter” and in not so many words, “thank you for trying and playing with us.”

I also supervised some time on the neighbours trampoline, along with the neighbours older kids – which brought back many memories of days when I would entertain all the neighbourhood kids after school in the summer.  A world of: sidewalk chalk drawing, street hockey,  other ball games, going to the park, playing at the school playground, endless supplies of water, frozen juice sticks, bubbles, cars, sand, water, sprinklers and just enjoying the hot weather.

Last night, Friday night, I attended  ‘bingo night’ at the school.  Very noisy, very active and a delightful end to the working week.  Children and Parents received a set of bingo cards furthering chances to win from the impressive selection of toys given as prizes.

Mostly I was encouraged by the attitude of generosity and sharing promoted by the school;  multiple winners  soon  learned that it was fun also to win  prizes for  siblings, friends and others who had not yet won.  The atmosphere reflected the excitement of  playing and getting to call ‘bingo’ was the importance rather than the prize at the end.  No-one went away without a prize; everyone came away having had a pleasurable evening with family and friends in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.  Schooling is more than learning abc and 123 it is about growing, developing social skills and sharing time and I will always praise schools that work hard to maintain this ethos.

Home to bed which after such a pleasant and over exhilarating evening did not quite go to plan but good parenting skills ensured that all were settled and asleep by 21:00.  “Hopefully they will sleep later in the morning?”  (Grandmother experience “no chance!”)


What a shot!


It takes a lot of concentration!


best prize ever!