Praying the creed:4


I believe in God the Father Almighty.

Who is this God who is Father Almighty?

In the beginning, God was revealed as El Shaddai – God the provider and God all powerful.  He was sufficient for all the needs of His creation.

God, who created me and formed me knows all that I need and will provide.  I should go out bravely into the sometimes confusing and daunting every day world because He is with me; supporting me.  When I have to make a decision I can trust that He will lead into the correct choice if I listen to and accept His guidance.   When I am unsure of the way to go or if I have to face a tough situation His sufficiency surpasses my doubts and uncertainty.

But this comes with a price.  I must respect and hold in reverence El Shaddai.   I cannot expect Him to give in to my every whim and desire if I do not accept His desire to mould me into righteousness and goodness.  He is Omnipotent and as such holds all creation within His power and command.  Then as part of this creation I too, should care for and respect all creation including all beings.  When I desire some thing or want to force my way into a situation that involves other people I must respect His plans for them also which might not fit into mine.  He is all seeing and all knowing and works for the good of all.  If I want to acquire the promise of Romans 8:28   I  need to live by the teaching of the whole message.

By the power and humility of the cross I can now call on El Shaddai as Adonai – God my creator becomes my Lord and Father.

My prayer for today is that I go through this day remembering that as my Lord You will provide not only for my needs but for the needs of all creation.  This may mean that my needs will come second place to a greater need of others.  As my Father Almighty you will gently lead me in the righteous way because that is your ultimate goal in my life that I will become as you: holy and presentable, a living sacrifice.  I love You and will live by Your guidance accepting the forgiveness and atonement for times that I doubt and stumble and go my own way.  Allow me to live this day for You and for those around me.


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