So today is moving day for my daughter.  At present I am the only one up and all is quiet so am taking the time to write this; I maybe off line for a while depending on how efficient a ‘seamless’ transition of service they have.

Even though this is not my permanent apartment, I have visited here on my last trips and also having been here for a couple of weeks I have gotten to appreciate and enjoy St. Catharines and I will miss it and I know my daughter and family will also.

The area has the quietly getting on with daily life feel about it.  Trains rumble by on the track just across the not so busy street which provides that link to a world beyond.  I can accept it and imagine travelling to other places or I can reject it and stay cocooned  in this oasis of home and security.

The apartment itself is spacious with lots of storage, (necessary for a family) and has, best of all, a wonderful laundry area conveniently placed off the bathroom.  The discarded clothes left in a crumpled heap from children’s bath time are easily accommodated into the laundry basket.

The kitchen is spacious enough for family meals and has ample storage and work space and has a view of the garden at back.

Well I didn’t mean this to sound like a real estate advert.  Maybe I’m just fixing it into my memory so that I can move on with them and be prepared to enjoy the new house with new opportunities. Yes, this place was home but another house awaits to be made into a home where family are welcome.

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