Good-bye St Kitt’s: Hello Niagara Falls


On the last day in St. Catharines I went for a ‘good-bye’ walk .


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I will miss St Catharines, just as I was getting used to finding my way around and exploring ‘the good bits’.  Definitely a place I would choose to live if there were an option to do so.

If anyone can identify the blue flowers for me I would appreciate it.

N.B. bird: I have a stupid fear of birds so I can’t get close at all, that’s why that photograph is very blurry – also photoshopped!

P.S. I would enjoy having a new camera.  Any ideas on best buy anyone?

What grandson did next

On to the new house

Slowly getting settled.  Re-decorating and getting boxes emptied and sorted.  Beautiful new kitchen with modern fittings.  Lovely basement with laundry area.  Internet finally connected – seamless rating ‘good’.

After debating what the feature ‘hole in the wall’ between kitchen and living area was about was finally settled by someone –

Many thanks to the family and friends who made the move easy.  Praying that the house and family will be blessed and enjoy making many new and happy memories.


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    Thank you for posting! 🙂

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